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A Roadmap Towards Sustainability & Self-Sufficiency: Creating a Comprehensive Community Plan

A Roadmap Towards Sustainability & Self-Sufficiency: Creating a Comprehensive Community Plan

Client: Nee Tahi Buhn First Nation
Location: Nee Tahi Buhn, BC

In 2021, the leadership of Nee Tahi Buhn First Nation partnered with Radloff to develop a Comprehensive Community Plan. This community-led approach to planning uses a holistic process to create a roadmap towards sustainability, self-sufficiency, and improved governance capacity. 

We approached the project by dividing it into two phases. During the first, we quickly built a planning team comprised of both Radloff & Nee Tahi Buhn staff and recruited a local champion to promote the CCP to people within the village.  We also began the funding-approval process with Indigenous Services Canada for both phases.

What followed were a series of consultations including a survey and town hall meetings to discuss diverse topics from housing needs to cultural/social concerns. This information gathering allowed us to develop a clear picture of the community and its goals.

In Phase 2, the development of the CCP first draft centered around six consultation meetings and a second survey that took place during the early spring & summer 2023.  These strategic meetings were focused on each of the main areas of concern presented by the community including housing & a future subdivision, health & wellness, recreation & cultural/traditional knowledge, jobs & economic development, governance & administration, and education/ & training.

At present, Radloff is preparing to present Nee Tahi Buhn FN with the completed CCP draft, with the goal of a final product by the end of the year.  This document also includes an Implementation and Monitoring Section. Although this section is only one small component of the whole, it encourages the community to view the CCP as a living document that can grow and change to meet their future needs.

Nee Tahi Buhn First Nation

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