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Pioneering Self-Sustainability - Kwadacha's BioEnergy Plant

Pioneering Self-Sustainability - Kwadacha's BioEnergy Plant

Client: Kwadacha First Nation
Location: Fort Ware, BC

R. Radloff & Associates Inc., in conjunction with the BC Bioenergy Network, prepared a feasibility study and design of the first off-grid BioEnergy system in North America for the Kwadacha First Nation. Our engineers traveled to Europe on several occasions to research alternate energy source technologies before implementing this utility standard biomass gasification-to-electricity system. This $4.2 million project makes use of local biomass waste to produce electrical power and heat.


The project scope consisted of an energy assessment of all existing buildings in the community, a predesign of the district energy piping system, a review of proprietary bioenergy systems, system selection, site design, and a biomass feedstock study.

Project Goals Accomplished:

  • Reduce the community reliance on fossil fuels
  • Reduce heating and electrical costs for community members
  • Develop a system and partnership which is a model for future bioenergy systems in BC
  • Proactively addresses the threat of wildfire to the community

Project Duration:


Project Team Participation:

Bob Radloff, P.Eng.
Dan Adamson, MRM, MCIP, RPP

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