The North is growing and we have grown with it. Commercial and industrial development in Northern B.C. is outpacing many areas of the world. This has driven the need for Local Governments and First Nations to effectively plan their land use, transportation and civil infrastructure. To ensure sustainability all of these sectors need to focus on long-term, innovative solutions for energy, assets management, and growth policies.

Local Government

R. Radloff & Associates has partnered with Local Governments in a wide range of infrastructure projects including the design, construction and operation of water, waste water, and storm water systems. Our firm has also worked with clients to develop commercial, industrial, residential, and recreational areas within urban & rural settings. We provide community planning services such as the development of long range land use plans, policies and regulatory bylaws to help guide future development.


First Nations

R. Radloff & Associates has a well-established First Nations client base in Northern British Columbia. We work with our clients and Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development (AANDC) to ensure projects are conducive to each community’s unique circumstances. Our expertise in this area includes:

  • Community, strategic, and land use/development planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Funding submissions
  • Water, wastewater, stormwater infrastructure development
  • Asset management, and
  • Community Energy Systems



R. Radloff & Associates can assist you in your design of commercial property layout. Our qualified staff can provide you with conceptual and detailed design drawings to assist you in all aspects of your project including building and parking layout and design, construction of civil works, and coordinating development approvals with regulatory agencies.


Industrial (Mining, Oil & Gas, Forestry)

R. Radloff & Associates has been retained by various companies in Northern British Columbia to assist with many key development projects including: Camp design; Water/wastewater design and construction; Decommissioning plans; Environmental Assessments; employee parking and long-term residential accommodation.



R. Radloff & Associates is able to provide clients with transportation and infrastructure services for roads and bridges, including planning, preliminary and detailed design, contract tendering, project supervision, and project management.


Community Energy

Community energy systems for heat and electricity are increasingly demanded by communities with a focus on innovation, resilience and self-reliance. An abundant supply of biomass in Northern BC means these energy systems are, not only environmentally responsible, but also financially sustainable. Our firm can help your community assess the feasibility of these systems, create partnerships and complete financial plans, and well as prepare detailed designs, contract documents, and manage construction and commissioning.


Asset Management

R. Radloff & Associates has provided asset inventory and management services to Local Governments, First Nations Bands, and the Federal Government to assist with asset renewal and rehabilitation, as well as capital planning and budgeting. Asset management is a growing area of interest for many local governments and First Nations to ensure sustainable infrastructure assets and avoid the negative consequences associated with critical infrastructure failure.

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