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R. Radloff & Associates Inc. has provided services to a wide variety of public and private sector clients since 1992. Our team includes a host of dedicated Professional Engineers, Technologists, Planners, and Administrative staff. Contact us today - we'd be pleased to help make your project a success!

Bob Radloff
Robert (Bob) Radloff, P.Eng.

Mr. Radloff is the firm’s Responsible Principal and a Senior Design Engineer. He is a Civil Engineer with over 32 years of progressive experience in the design, construction, operation and management of utilities and transportation infrastructure. Bob was formerly responsible for all Public Works functions at the City of Prince George including asset management programs for water, sewer, parks, and transportation, which included a $25 million/yr. operations budget and $20 million/yr. capital program. Bob’s current interests include district energy systems, asset management, and community development.

Rick Senger
Rick Senger, P.Eng
Project Manager

Mr. Senger is a Project Manager and Senior Engineer with over 27 years of interdisciplinary experience. Rick has extensive project management experience taking multiple projects through multiple phases including feasibility studies, detailed design and construction / contract administration. Rick’s is primarily involved in water, wastewater, road and subdivision development, although his experience also includes electrical, mechanical, food supply and processing systems. Rick’s current interests include the development and maintenance of high quality water and waste water systems.

Stuart Radloff
Stuart Radloff, A.Sc.T.
Technical Supervisor

Mr. Radloff has 5 years of experience in the Civil Engineering Technologist field. He has worked on a wide range of projects that have included drafting designs, report writing, and creating as-built drawings using AutoCAD software programs. He has also performed extensive field work which includes, surveying, field layout and site inspections for major mine, commercial and institutional developments. Stuart’s current area of expertise is civil infrastructure, including sanitary systems, road networks.

Dan Adamson
Dan Adamson, B.Sc., MRM
Director of Project Development

Mr. Adamson has 29 years of experience in a wide variety of fields including planning and resource management. As Strategic Projects Manager and Environment and Community Forest Manager with the City of Prince George, he developed and managed several high profile projects, supported planning and policy, and managed regulatory functions, programs and partnerships. Some initiatives he spearheaded included the City's Carbon Neutral Plan, the Regional Performing Arts Centre Assessment, and the Prince George Air Improvement Round Table (PGAIR). In Dan’s previous consulting practice, he assisted with bioenergy proposals, and land development assessments for First Nations. Dan's expertise includes land use, design and business plans and preparing comprehensive assessments to assist developers and industry with projects.

Chris Morgan
Chris Morgan, A.Sc.T.
Project Manager

Mr. Morgan has 10 years of experience in the Civil Engineering Technologist field. He has worked on a wide range of projects that have included design, construction inspections, project management and contract administration of municipal infrastructure assets. Duties have included field survey, drafting, design, estimating, construction inspection and project management. Current area of interest include subdivision design, servicing plans for multi-family and commercial developments, designs for water, sanitary and storm main installations and local road and bridge projects.

Andrew Brink
Andrew Brink, E.I.T., A.Sc.T.
Mechanical E.I.T.

Mr. Brink has 5 years of work experience in Mechanical Engineering. Andrew has worked on a wide range of projects that have included design, construction, operations and maintenance of municipal, industrial and commercial infrastructure, including building HVAC systems and mechanical pumping and hydraulic heating systems. Andrew has been responsible for developing budgets and cost estimates for engineering and construction projects and has been responsible for taking these to project completion. He has extensive experience with report writing and creating drawings using AutoCAD software. Andrew’s current area of interest includes infrastructure reviews and assessments, as well as water, wastewater and bioenergy systems.

Justin Carsley
Justin Carsley, E.I.T., B. Com.
Mechanical E.I.T.

Mr. Carsley has 4 years of work experience in Mechanical Engineering. He has been involved in a wide variety of projects around British Columbia, including bioenergy systems, sanitary stations and water treatment systems. His duties have included creating feasibility studies and grading plans, as well as conducting surveys and providing on-site supervision. Justin has extensive experience with AutoCAD software, technical report writing and business operations. Justin has 4 years training and experience in the financial sector prior to entering his engineering career. He has utilized this financial training and experience to undertake life cycle cost analysis for select design, build and operate projects. Justin’s current area of interest includes bioenergy systems in remote communities, water and wastewater systems and large worker accommodation camps.

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